Khantastic : best of Praga Khan

Praga Khan (performer)

Khantastic : best of Praga Khan

Khantastic : best of Praga Khan
Praga Khan
FG, 2003
1 cd

About Praga Khan

Maurice Joseph François Engelen (born 7 January 1959), known by his stage name Praga Khan, is a Belgian electronic musician. Khan is considered one of the leading pioneers of the new beat/acid house/techno electronic dance music scene that originated in Belgium. Khan has also contributed to the theatrical scene with his musical collaborations in The Next Dimension and Code Red.


In the late 1980s, Engelen teamed up with Jade 4U (Nikkie van Lierop) and Olivier Adams to form Lords of Acid and multiple other projects including Channel X and Digital Orgasm. Khan's most famous solo work is "Injected with a Poison" (1992). The single "Free Your Body / Injected with a Poison", by Praga Khan featuring Jade 4U, reached #16 in the UK. "Rave Alert" also charted (#39).

In 1992, Channel X's "Rave the Rhythm" was included in the soundtrack for Basic Instinct, after director P…Read more on Wikipedia