Sagalassos : droomstad in de bergen

Marc Waelkens (author), Jeroen Poblome (author), Patrick De Rynck (editor)
De antieke stad Sagalassos is het voorwerp van het grootste en meest spectaculaire opgravingsproject in het Middellandse Zeegebied. Maak kennis met de boeiende geschiedenis van deze wonderlijke stad en haar bewoners in het boek dat hoort bij de unieke tentoonstelling in het Gallo-Romeins Museum van Tongere
Sagalassos : droomstad in de bergen
Marc Waelkens Jeroen Poblome
Patrick De Rynck
Antwerpen: Openbaar Kunstbezit in Vlaanderen, 2011
176 p. : ill.
Catalogus n.a.v. de tentoonstelling 'Sagalassos : city of dreams' te Tongeren (Provinciaal Gallo-Romeins Museum) van 29 oktober 2011 tot 17 juni 2012
9789076099897 (paperback)

About Marc Waelkens

Marc, Knight Waelkens (Dutch pronunciation: [mɑrk ˈʋalkə(n)s]; 12 April 1948 – 21 February 2021) was a professor emeritus of archaeology at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium. He was director of the excavation at the Pisidian city of Sagalassos in Turkey. The research project has become one of the biggest and most interdisciplinary excavations in the Mediterranean, where all aspects of the city and its territory are studied by means of a variety of modern research techniques.

Waelkens has also participated in archaeological studies in Greece, Syria, Italy and Egypt. His doctoral research and early concentration involved Phrygian tombstones and sarcophagi. He identified the workshop at Dokimeion near Afyon, and tried to identify the provenance of the types of stone used and the production patterns.

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